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Article: Should You Sharpen Your Hair Shears Yourself or Rely on a Professional?

Should You Sharpen Your Hair Shears Yourself or Rely on a Professional?

If they are treated with the appropriate level of care, scissors of a good grade can endure for as long as twenty years or even longer. On the other side, the initial advantage might only continue to exist for a maximum of one year. Therefore, the individual who is in charge of sharpening your scissors is a factor that is even more significant than the scissors themselves. This is because sharpening scissors is an art form. Assuming that you acquired them from a trustworthy manufacturer, like Saki Shears, the next step that needs to be taken is to select a proper facility in which to have them sharpened. This can be done at any location that meets the requirements.

What are some of the telltale symptoms that shears need to be sharpened because they have become dull?

When barbers and stylists cut hair, they are exposed to a wide range of performance difficulties that they must be aware of. When using shears, the user has the ability to fold or curve the hair between the blades of the tool. It is possible for the shear to pull the hair away from the edge of the edge of the edge. You might also notice a rough place on the blades, or perhaps a point, in the area where the two edges hang out when the blades are closed. This is the location where the blades meet.

When using your hair shears, if you notice that the hair is bending or folding, this may be an indicator that the tension on the shears is too loose. If the issue is resolved after making the necessary changes, then the problem could only have been caused by loose tension in the system. It is likely that they are dull if, after being adjusted, they continue to pull hair away from the tip of the blade even after being sharpened.

If the hair looks to be being pinched or tugged, there may be a nick on the edge of the shears. This nick could have been produced by something as easy as dropping the shears or by some form of impact, even a slight one, to the edge.

If the blade can be "heard" as it is being closed, or if it bumps or hangs up as it is being closed, then you most likely have a nick or many nicks in the edge of the blade.

Sharpening your shears incorrectly can lead them to get damaged.

You might have heard of a few different methods that you can use to sharpen your shears, or even worse, you might have already attempted some of those methods. Either way, you're in for a rough ride. The following is a list of common behaviors that may, sadly, cause harm to your shears, and some of these behaviors may even make it difficult to repair your shears:

Aluminum foil, which entails folding the foil over and then cutting it through many times. Don't even bother to think about it! It will be necessary to remove additional metal in order to fix the cutting edge because it will be excessively rounded.

Sandpaper: working the nicks and indents on the shear by cutting through the sandpaper, and then using the sandpaper to smooth out the nicks and indents. Also, refrain from behaving in this manner! The cutting edge and the interior of the blades can suffer permanent damage as a result of this.

DIY sharpening tools for the house. This won't end up being a good idea! The effective sharpening of high-quality shears needs a lengthy process that involves the use of various abrasives and several stages of polishing. There is no home equipment that can give you the desired results, and the majority of the so-called "sharpening" equipment that may be purchased will only harm your high-quality shears. Unfortunately, there is no home equipment that can give you the necessary results.

You need to do the following when it is time to sharpen your shears:

When it comes to how long your shears will last before they need to be maintained, there are a lot of various elements that will come into play. The average number of haircuts that you perform every day. Are you only cutting hair that has been well cleaned? What percentage of the time do you find that you have misplaced your shears? What kinds of materials are used to construct them, and who is responsible for their creation? If the tension is maintained and set appropriately, as well as if they are oiled and cleaned on a regular basis, they can be made to last for a longer period of time between servicing. When you feel any nicks or damage in the edge, even if they are perfectly adjusted, or when they push hair away even when they are in the correct position, it is time to sharpen them. This is true even if they are properly adjusted. Continuing to cut with a dull shear, and particularly with an edge that has been destroyed, can cause extra damage to the blades, and it is also hard on your hand because you have to work harder to cut. In addition, this can cause additional damage to the blades. In addition, this can cause significant damage to the blades. When it comes to sharpening, we strongly suggest going through either the manufacturer or an authorized service shop. This is because both of these options are guaranteed to produce the best results. If someone claims to be certified, it is in your best interest to check with the manufacturer first to discover whether or not they are being truthful with you. This will help you determine whether or not you should believe what they are telling you.

If you have an old set of hair shears and are looking for a great value on a quality set of hair shears, consider the large selection of hair shear sets offered by Saki Shears. All of our sets include a cutting shear, thinning shear and a swivel razor. 

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