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Article: Introducing Saki Grand Master Hair Cutting Shear

Introducing Saki Grand Master Hair Cutting Shear

Crafted from super premium VG-10 Japanese Steel, the new Saki Grand Master is a 6 inch hair cutting shear with a sword style blade. The VG-10 steel is sharpened to a razor sharp edge to achieve precise cutting. We like the easy thumb adjustment for tension control, eliminating the need to keep track of a tension key and allowing for on-the-fly adjustments. 

 Hair Shears With Popular Sword Style Cutting Blade

Hair Shear with a sword style cutting blade


Artistically Designed Finger Holes and Permanent Finger Rest

artistically designed finger holes and a permanent finger rest on these hair scissors

Saki Shears continues to innovate and bring artistic beauty to salons and barber shops around the world. We strive to create works of art, that can be integrated into the daily work of master barbers and stylists. The Saki Grand Master is a new addition to the Saki Shears Master Collection. All of the shears in this collection use VG10 or better steel resulting in razor sharp shears, that can hold an edge for a long time. More hair cutting. Less shear sharpening. 

The Master Collection currently includes:

Anyone shopping for a super premium set of hair shears should carefully consider all of these options when looking for a new set of shears. 

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